Premium & Organic Oils Made Sustainably

At Saoirse Skincare, a passion for clean, ethical and sustainable beauty prevails. Wherever possible, we ensure that our products and production processes are as sustainable as possible. We collaborate with producers who share our passion for sustainability. Our partners located in Morocco where our Certified Organic Argan and Prickly Pear Seed Oils are made, actively pursue more efficient and sustainable production processes.

The argan tree itself is considered to be a rare and endangered species. In consequence, in 1998, the argan forest was declared an international Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. The production process of argan oil should be sustainable. We are keen to work with partners who are therefore committed to ensuring that this is achieved.

Our partners have undertaken investment opportunities and employed green technology as a way of acquiring energy in a more environmentally friendly and efficient manner. One such project including installing solar panels in their factories as well as purchasing the necessary battery systems to supply electricity.

The Berber women who crush the argan nuts to produce our wonderful liquid gold are then given the shells of the nuts to heat their homes in the cold months. In this way, our partners help protect the argan forests as the women no longer need to cut wood to provide heating in their homes.