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About Us

Saoirse Skincare is a sustainable, ethically-sourced and luxury organic skincare brand that features high-quality beauty care for everyone. Formulating sustainable products made of premium, clean and highly effective ingredients lies at the heart of everything we do. Saoirse exemplifies how one does not need to compromise between health, luxury, sustainability and beauty. We have an unrelenting commitment to the quality and purity of our ingredients. It is of vital importance to us that our ingredients are clean and effective in executing their purpose.

We are strong believers in the power of mother nature, and undertake considerable research and investment to source organic, premium ingredients where possible.

We maintain the philosophy that mother nature has gifted us universally with rare and pure ingredients. Our products reflect this diversity, consisting of powerful and remarkable ingredients found in all parts of the world.

As lovers of mother nature, we make use of her blessings. That is why we work tirelessly to give back to her and ensure we limit our waste as well as our carbon footprint. Our production methods and our packaging have been carefully and artfully designed to minimize our environmental footprint whilst showcasing the beauty of luxury design. We are adamant on upholding the highest code of conduct and principles with regards to our practices and workforce. We run a rigorous selection process to make sure we source our materials from companies who share our ethos, values and principles.

What does Saoirse mean?

Pronounced Seer-sha, Saoirse means freedom in Gaelic. Paying homage to my Irish roots, the Saoirse collection beautifully epitomises the ethos we want to reflect. We want you to feel liberated through connecting with Mother Nature on a personal level and feel comfortable in your own skin – literally! Freedom is life’s greatest gift, something we all cherish on a fundamental level and should never take for granted. So I hope the Saoirse collection inspires you to be free and stay true to yourself.

what do our colours represent?

Our distinguished royal blue and Saoirse form a perfect unity to reflect the freedom we want you to embrace. Paired with our silver touches that stand for grace, sophistication, elegance and glamor, our Saoirse packaging is the quintessence of pure luxury that empowers you.  Blue and silver also represent the colours of my Cancer zodiac and the moon which I have always appreciated for its serenity and beauty. So I took it as a sign that these colours were made for Saoirse!

From our name to our colours, patterns, designs and glorious ingredients, every single characteristic in our Saoirse collection has a story and a meaning.

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