Giving Back

giving back

The Berber women work tirelessly collecting, drying and cracking open the argan nuts as well as extracting the prickly pear seeds from the fruit by hand. We recognise that without their hard work, diligence and commitment to this project, delivering authentic prickly pear seed and argan oils in their purest forms, would not be possible.

Our founder spent many months conducting thorough research and implementing a very careful selection process to ensure that at Saoirse Skincare, we work with partners who also acknowledge the need for social responsibility. We work with cooperatives who ensure high morale and ethical practices in the work environment as well as excellent work conditions. Securing ethically sourced ingredients is of paramount importance to us. We are committed to sourcing our argan and prickly pear seed oils from partners who care passionately about improving the quality of life of their employees.

The production of these oils serves as a source of income for Berber women, who previously had no other means of obtaining an income, thus enabling them to obtain financial independence. We work with women’s cooperatives that ensure that the Berber women are paid fair wages. Equally as important, the wages are handed directly to the women and not to third parties.  More than 450 women from 5 different villages are employed by our partners and paid fair wages. Furthermore, our partners actively devote time and resources to projects that address social issues these women face.

Our partners are one of the very few certified fair-trade cooperatives currently operating in Morocco. We make sure to constantly monitor the work-in-progress of the projects our cooperatives undertake and keep up to date on production processes.                          


Giving Back

giving back The Berber women work tirelessly collecting, drying and cracking open the argan nuts [...]

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