Giving Back

giving back The Berber women work tirelessly collecting, drying and cracking open the argan nuts as well as extracting the prickly pear seeds from the fruit by hand. We recognise that without their hard work, diligence and commitment to this project, delivering authentic prickly pear seed and argan oils in their purest forms, would not […]

Premium & Organic Oils Made Sustainably

At Saoirse Skincare, a passion for clean, ethical and sustainable beauty prevails. Wherever possible, we ensure that our products and production processes are as sustainable as possible. We collaborate with producers who share our passion for sustainability. Our partners located in Morocco where our Certified Organic Argan and Prickly Pear Seed Oils are made, actively […]

How do I know if my prickly pear seed oil is pure & authentic?

In a time where there are numerous impure prickly pear seed oils being passed off as high-quality ones, it is important that consumers are fully aware of this issue. The prickly pear seed oil is diluted with water The prickly pear seed is mixed with lower-quality oils Prickly pear seed oil is deodorised to remove […]